Enterprise Collaboration

2008/10/24 10:00am

MindTouch, recognized for the most sophisticated, popular, award-winning, enterprise-scale, open-source Wiki solution in the market today, is taking its innovation beyond open-source Wiki collaboration to delivering the next-generation social enterprise collaboration platform. MindTouch Deki enables the most comprehensive enterprise-level wiki-based collaboration through dynamic mashups from multiple enterprise applications and online Web services. Deki connects teams, enterprise systems, Web services and Web 2.0 applications both outside and behind the firewall. It solves a major pain point for businesses and organizations in that it enables them to connect, mashup and surface the growing number of application and data silos that exist across an enterprise – including legacy systems, CRM and ERP apps, databases, and Web 2.0 apps. MindTouch Deki’s Wiki-style collaboration allows people to connect with each other through Wiki pages that can be created, edited, and processed by the entire team in a variety of ways. Each page offers an intuitive and familiar user interface to many powerful features such as text editing, multi-media content management and file attachments, sub-page linking and organization, versioning and permissions. Thus, business colleagues can collaborate 24/7 via the Internet or within their internal network. MindTouch Deki empowers people, teams and departments to create, organize, and share knowledge and communicate instantly and broadly through collaborative Wikis. MindTouch Deki’s customers use Deki in a variety of ways

* Knowledge base - Burnham developed a 700,000-page wiki on protein structures, drawing information from multiple databases and content repositories. The goal is to let researchers from all over the world easily collaborate at www.topsan.org.

* Enterprise Collaboration - Red Mountain Retail Group, is effectively utilizing automatic report creation, dashboards and mashups to save 25% of their expenditure on labor that was being consumed by manual report creation.

* Developer Communities - Mozilla now has a vibrant developer community at http://developer.mozilla.org, which has more than 1 million daily page views and approximately 87,000 registered developers.

* Enhanced Collaboration - To add greater collaboration capabilities, Shelfari embedded the MindTouch Deki Web-services layer and DREAM orchestration engine into its product. Today, all reader collaboration and interactions about books and authors are powered by MindTouch Deki.

MindTouch Deki can also be used to extend and improve existing enterprise solutions through augmented intelligence and smarter collaboration. For example, Deki for CRM extends Salesforce and SugarCRM applications by adding deeper customer insight and collaboration capabilities.