Teaching Open Source (TOS@FSOSS)

Open Source presents both challenges and opportunities for academic institutions. The Teaching Open Source track at FSOSS 2008 will examine these issues from a variety of perspectives through a series of panels (click to view panel moderators and members):

  • The Professor's Perspective - What works and what doesn't work when Teaching Open Source in the classroom? A panel of professors discusses the challenges and the solutions that they have found.
  • The Student's Perspective - A panel of students who have completed courses or programs in Open Source and who are working in the IT industry give their perspectives on Teaching Open Source.
  • The Community's Perspective - A panel of open source community leaders talk about the what Teaching Open Source in an institutional setting means to each of their respective communities.
  • The Institution's Perspective - The institutional challenges of Teaching Open Source will be discussed by college and university administrators.

The track will conclude with a discussion about possible next steps for common or shared-value initiatives in Teaching Open Source.

Follow-up: The TOS@FSOSS track concluded with (among other things) a call to create a lightweight consortium or coalition of Open Source communities, educational institutions, and businesses. This work is continuing at http://tinyurl.com/tos-group.