How to Build Data Driven Applications in a Wiki using TikiWiki Trackers

2008/10/23 1:00pm

TikiWiki is a powerful, multilingual Wiki, Content Management System (CMS) and Groupware. Translated to 35 languages, and with an install base of tens of thousands, over 200 people have contributed to the source code and it provides hundreds of built-in features to create all sorts of web sites, intranets and extranets, including The community eats its own DogFood and applies the "Wiki Way" to software development. Written in PHP, it is released as free software (LGPL). TikiWiki Trackers is an extremely powerful feature that allows you to create data driven applications in a Wiki. Embed within wiki pages forms for input of data, tables displaying results, and even present data inline with the rest of the content on a page. Trackers can be used for inventory systems, issue tracking, bug tracking, customer relationship management, item scoring/grading, simple workflow management, or even a basic shopping cart! This workshop will walk you through the steps of building a data driven application using trackers without writing a single line of code (all you need to do is to specify parameters using a simple plugin syntax, and use an admin panel). No prior knowledge of TikiWiki is required.