Open source, what does it stand for?
Thu, 10/23/2014 - 15:00
Topic Area: 
Open Source
This presentation applies a user's point of view who is acting as an educator and a researcher of a variety of issues of the open source landscape.
Presentation Description: 
Some technology has been getting obsolete and the major direction shows that the new technology will replace the old one with hopefully open standards. The presentation intends to highlight how FLOSS movement can affect the SW and HW developments. The Prezi (and its surroundings) area will be introduced. Questions that can be raised at this point are: How has this idea changed the presentation’s world? How did Prezi inspire the users and developers who had not have willingness to use Flash player based programs? In this framework, it is worth making some remarks about knowledge based society and wikinomics... And last but not least... the presenter wishes to highlight some typical obstacles and areas of the lack of knowledge that impede a broader and faster spread of the utilization of FLOSS by the public bodies/sector.