Beyond Open Source: Federated Systems
Thu, 10/23/2014 - 14:00
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Open Source
Open source is a good start but, in an age where we don't even control our data, the source might not even get a chance. It is time for federation.
Presentation Description: 
As our software, data, and communication networks have moved online, we have lost personal control over these vital assets and lost the ability to innovate, as a result. To regain this autonomy within our own lives and the future of our business ventures, we need to go beyond open source. We need a federated system. Federated systems allow communication between these distinct online services. This means that no one service provider can monopolize your data or how you use it. Open source and innovation can be given new life in this world where they can build on each other in a open yet trusted way. OpenAutonomy is an example of such a federated system and its core components are open source (MIT License). This talk aims to point out some of the liabilities of the walled garden approach, benefits and examples of federated systems, and demonstrate OpenAutonomy as a solution to this problem. Let's open the dialogue and start building something together!