Building 2000 Linux Distros from source every day
Thu, 10/23/2014 - 16:00
Topic Area: 
Open Source
Building the infrastructure to support a fully customizable, stable and up to date source based Linux distribution builder.
Presentation Description: 
The Wind River Linux team has created a sophisticated infrastructure that builds over 2000 Linux distros from source every day. Wind River Linux is based on the Yocto Project, a source based Linux distribution builder. To support our customers desire for a Linux distro customized to their needs, we have setup a large cluster to build and test a subset of the nearly infinite configurations. Our infrastructure uses well established Open Source projects like Xen, Nagios and Collectd; newer tools like Puppet, MCollective, Foreman and Graphite and we are experimenting with Docker and Mesos. The full lifecycle of systems in the build cluster is automated and monitored to maximize utilization and minimize system administration overhead.