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Web Evangelist, Microsoft Canada
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David is a strong supporter of open community and in the power of technology to connect people and improve their lives, communities and businesses. David is currently employed by Microsoft as a User Experience Evangelist. Previously he has advised and worked with start-ups on product design and development. He is also the instigator of DemoCamp, Founders & Funders and StartupEmpire in Toronto. At Microsoft, David helps companies understand the technology and design opportunities for creating compelling digital experiences. He focuses on helping companies to extend their customers’ reach with next generation technology for the desktop, digital devices, standards based applications for the Web, and rich media applications. David has been named Toronto’s Best Web and Tech Evangelist for his efforts in founding DemoCamp, BarCampToronto and Founders & Funders. David has worked to facilitate a vibrant community and ecosystem in Toronto.


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