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Mozilla Developer, Mozilla Corporation
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In 1998, while still in high school, Stuart started working on Mozilla converting from Motif to GTK. Less than a year later, he was hired by Netscape to continue his work full time. While at Netscape he worked on many projects, including many platform pieces such as graphics, designing our imaging library, and significant memory and performance work. After Netscape, Stuart worked at OSAF for a year on data synchronizing and then at Oracle for a short time building a calendar client on top of Mozilla and integrating it in to Thunderbird. He eventually found his way back to Mozilla where he has been since 2005. He has been working on redesigning and building Mozilla's new graphics and text rendering systems. He has also done a lot of work on analyzing Firefox's memory use resulting in a significant reduction in memory footprint. Stuart is the current module owner of the Graphics and Image Library systems. He is currently focused on mobile browsing.


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