openPETRA: A free and easy-to-use administration software package for non-profit organisations

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I will present the open source project openPETRA (, which is in ongoing development and released under the GPLv3 license.

The goal of openPETRA is to provide an easy-to-use software system for the administration of non-profit organisations. It is an integrated solution for contact management, personnel, accounting, donor services, conference organisation and more.
The software will support organisations of various sizes and is multi-user, multi-site, multi-currency and multi-language enabled; therefore it will be usable in many contexts and across the globe. It will specifically support international, distributed organisations with offices in many countries.
The vision of openPETRA is to be an established administration software solution for non-profit organisations, offered without a licence fee.

openPETRA is an initiative of OM (, a Christian missions organisation. It is a new package based on PETRA, an established product in OM for many years. PETRA is an in-house developed, bespoke product. OM has a need to replace it because it is built on a quickly ageing, proprietary technology platform and decided to do a complete re-write based on current technologies and on non-proprietary software. OM also decided to open it up and generalise the software so it can be useful for many non-profit organisations. So openPETRA was launched in March 2009 - an open source project, which is something completely new for OM.

Because we are still learning different aspects of developing open source software, we are interested in getting to know people who have experience in open source projects. We are actively seeking to engage with contributors - organisations and individuals - to build a community of developers, supporters and users, with the goal of making this project a success for many non-profit organisations.

Link to the video for this presentation: