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Murray Saul graduated with an Honours Degree in Economics from Queen’s University in 1986, and graduated with a Degree in Education (Adult Education) from Brock University in 1996. After graduating in 1986, Murray worked as a support analyst for Magstar Inc, assisting in the installation, training and support of large retail clients using NCR tower mini-computers running Unix System V.

Murray left Magstar Inc. to become an assistant controller for a large retail company responsible for the control and daily operation of that company’s Accounting Information System. He left industry in the early 1990s to pursue a career as a full-time college professor. He worked as a contract professor for Centennial, Humber, and Sheridan Colleges for a decade before becoming a full-time professor for Seneca college in 2000.

Over the past 20 years, Murray has taught over 40 unique courses including computer programming, accounting, economics, and management studies. Currently, He works for the School of Computer Studies at Seneca College teaching Bash Shell Scripting, C, C++, Javascript, and Perl programming as well as Linux administration courses. He also teaches a post-diploma course for the Bioinformatics program.

He is really interested in the Linux operating system, and the benefits that it provides to this planet. He is constantly discovering neat applications in Linux including LTSP (Linux Terminal Server Project: Using thin clients to setup cost effective labs), open source gaming, multimedia (Ubuntu Studio including the following applications: Audacity, Jack Audio Server, Ardour, Ninjam, Cinelerra), DVR applications (Mythtv), as well as web development…

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Full Time Professor
Seneca College


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