FSOSS Hackputing Day


Thursday Oct 25
S1208 S2168 S1209 TEL2108
8:15 am Registration
9:00 am Welcome to Hackputing Raspberry Pi Project Showcase CUDA Workshop
10:00 am Raspberry Pi Device Interfacing
11:30 am Lunch Lunch
12:30 pm PiBeginners Educators' Round Table CUDA Workshop (continued)
1:30 pm Building Your Dream OS
2:30 pm Pidora
3:00 pm Hackputer Day Wrap-up

Presentation Schedule

2012 OCT 26 Friday
S1206 S1208 S2168 S2169
8:15 am Registration
9:00 am Open Source and Hyperscale Computing
[Chris Tyler]
Introduction to LTSP (Linux Terminal Server Project)
[David Bensimon]
Open entrepreneurship: The process of building a born-open business
[Mekki MacAulay]
The Spirit of Open Source
[Peter Chynoweth]
10:00 am Interfacing Hardware using Android
[Wayne Bryan]
[Chris Rodgers]
Accessible Applications
[Chad Pilkey]
[Justin Robinson]
Thermostat: Taking over the Java tooling world with Open Source Software
[Jon VanAlten]
[Elliott Baron]
Automating video editing with Open source
[Raul Suarez]
11:00 am Introduction to FreeNAS 8.3
[Dru Lavigne]
Introduction to Popcorn Maker
[David Seifried]
[Mathew Schranz]
[Chris DeCairos]
Open Source Careers
[Rob Russell]
Social Media/Social Businesses and Open Source
[Ralph Janke]
12:00 pm Lunch
1:00 pm GPU Research Capabilities at Seneca
[Chris Szalwinski]
Leveraging HTML5 + WebRTC for open source web conferencing
[Fred Dixon]
Formulize: anatomy of an open source success story
[Julian Egelstaff]
Getting started with AMQP 1.0 using Apache
[Rajith Attapattu]
2:00 pm Rolling your own Embedded Processor with Free Software
[Anthony Green]
ExocortexStudioJS, web based 3D content creation tool
[Jesse Silver]
[Vincent Lee]
[Hasan Kamal-Al-Deen]
Using the Popcorn.js HTML5 media library to build business products
[Chris DeCairos]
[Daniel Hodgin]
The Ecology of Free Software and Open Source
[Zak Greant]
3:00 pm IEEE Humanitarian Technology Challenge: Open Hardware Project
[Glenn McKnight]
Firefox OS
[Mike Habicher]
Growing a business based on Open Source Software
[Mike Hoye]
[Ken Ono]
[Fred Dixon]
[John Breakey]
[Ben Houston]
Probing User Space and Java Virtual Machines with Systemtap 2.0
[Lukas Berk]
[Serguei Makarov]
4:00 pm Reception