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John Breakey is a serial entrepreneur in the Information Technology industry. John founded UNIS LUMIN Inc., a systems integration company that grew into a major, national player with 5 offices across Canada and $75m in revenue before he sold the company in 2011.

In 1998, John co founded 1nService, a convergence of 34 US / Canadian advanced technology companies with a head office in Seattle, with a mandate to provide clients with North American coverage. He served on the Board of 1nservice in various capacities including Chair, Treasurer and Secretary.

In 2002 John formed a software company, Genuit, which developed PROMYS, the first comprehensive PSA/ERP software package to be based 100% on web technology and SAAS. The product is sold internationally.

In 2003 John bought controlling interest in NCS, a data/voice wiring company that provided fiber, wireless and traditional communications solutions to customers across Canada. The company grew from $1m in 2003 to $9m when he sold NCS in 2010.

In 2012 John founded Fivel Systems Corporation, an online learning company, that specializes in the effective adoption of technology we use everyday. The service is unique in that it combines the latest in multi-media, social media and learning management technologies. Companies can ensure that their employees optimize the productivity from technology investments.

Today, John oversees the growth of his companies, invests in emerging companies and serves as an advisor and consultant to growth companies. John is a regular speaker at industry trade shows and webinars, and frequently contributes topical articles for publication in trade journals.

John has served on the Board of a number of community and industry associations including:

• Past Chair of Colleges Ontario Network for Industry Innovation
• Chair, 1nservice, an Association of technology integrators in North America
• Chair, Haltech, a Regional Innovation Centre for emerging companies
• Past President of the Oakville Chamber of Commerce
• Past Chair of the Oakville Economic Development Alliance (OEDA).
• Past Director of the Canadian Healthcare Information Technology Trade Association (CHITTA).
• Past Chair of ITAC Ont. (Information Technology Alliance of Canada) and Director of ITAC (Can)
• Past Chair of Innovators Alliance, an association of Ontario’s fastest growing companies
• Past Director, SuttonMed Technologies (professional sports EHR)

John resides in Oakville, Ontario.

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Fivel Systems Inc


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