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Zak Greant has spent most of the last 20 years building little parts of the Net, from individual websites up to advising and helping manage the organizations that build key pieces of Internet technology and infrastructure. During this time, he has contributed to and worked with the PHP project, MySQL AB, the Mozilla Foundation, Wikipedia, the Free Software Foundation and the Open Source Initiative. Much of his work has centered on community development, copyright and licensing issues. Currently, he focuses on community development for Swiss Open Source CMS vendor, Magnolia International.

He has presented at over sixty Free Software, Open Source and technology events, and is an active a writer and editor, having served as primary author of two books and as technical editor on a few dozen more (including Mastering Regular Expressions (3rd ed.) by Jeffrey E. F. Friedl, Advanced PHP Programming by Georg Schlossnagle and MySQL (3rd Edition) by Paul DuBois.)

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Magnolia Intl Ltd


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