Speak at FSOSS

Open source and free software have driven innovation throughout the software industry, accelerating through the last few years. At FSOSS 2017 we want to explore all aspects of this expansion, in addition to current free and open source software projects, new directions in community development, and future directions in technology, and social impact. We're seeking presentations at a variety of levels, in both traditional talk format (50 minutes including Q and A) and workshop format (2-3 hours with a hands-on component).

Specific areas of focus this year include:

* the theme of the symposium: Open for Business ~ Driving innovation and profit with Free Software. Talks about business models, new types of businesses enabled by open source, technical innovation driven by free software and open source, the tension between personal freedom and business interests, the expansion of open source concepts beyond software, and licensing issues are all welcome.

* the Internet of Things ~ from individual sensors and controllers through to the cloud and big data/analytic software frameworks, communications, interoperability, security and privacy, and role of open source in IoT

* machine learning/deep learning

* blockchain technologies

* advanced graphics ~ 3D in the web, virtual reality, and augmented reality, data visualization

* security in an always-on, pervasive computing environment

* beyond the technology ~ social, economic, commercial, open data, and leadership trends intersecting the open source world

But don't let these areas of focus limit your thoughts!