Free Software and Open Source Symposium 2009

The Seneca Centre for Development of Open technology is proud to present FSOSS 2009, October 29-30th, 2009 at the Seneca@York Campus, Toronto.

Thank you for attending FSOSS 2009! We value your feedback. Please use the links on the left to complete our General Survey and give specific Presentation Feedback. We'll enter you in a draw for a copy of Jono Bacon's O'Reilly book, The Art of Community (send feedback on all of the presentations you've seen for maximum chances to win!).

FSOSS 2010 -- Less than 52 weeks away!

Circle October 28th and 29th, 2010 on your calendar for FSOSS 2010.

Pictures from FSOSS 2009

...are on Flickr with the tag "fsoss2009".

Related Events

FSOSS 2009 closes the Toronto Open Source Week 2009, a celebration of Open Source technology and community throughout the Toronto area. The Teaching Open Source Summit 2009 will be held as a pre-conference event to FSOSS on October 29.

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