Speaker List

No Picture Alistair MacDondald - Web Consultant, Hyper-Metrix

Alistair MacDonald, is a web consultant from Hyper-Metrix.com. Originally from London, now living in Boston USA with his wife, Alistair spends his time experimenting with user interfaces, creating Comet-based web-applications and developing the Processing library.

Creating an Animated Twitter Widget for your Website with Processing.js

No Picture Anthony Hughes - Mozilla QA Collaborator, Student, Seneca College

Anthony is a Quality Assurance community member at Mozilla and student of Software Development Degree at Seneca College @ York University in Toronto, Ontario. He got involved with Mozilla through FSOSS three years back by participating in manual testing and reviewing Firefox add-ons. He went to Mozilla for two Summers and to Songbird for one Summer to do his internship, he contributed equally to both projects. Anthony created and continues to develop a bit-torrent add-on for Songbird. Presently, he works on test case automation, writing manual test cases for new features and bugs, he also assists in release and update testing, and engages with the community through test-days. His primary focus is on security but he tests mobile devices, new Firefox features, crashes, plugins, and bug regressions too.

Automating UI Testing with Mozmill

Beth Agnew - Professor, Co-ordinator of the Seneca Tech Comm Program, Seneca College

Beth Agnew is a veteran technical communicator and the Co-ordinator of Seneca's Technical Communication post-graduate certificate program. She has worked with numerous high tech companies to create effective documentation, usable interfaces, and outstanding user experiences. She is a senior member of the Society for Technical Communication and has been a popular speaker at their annual conferences.
Link: http://bethbuzz.blogspot.com

The Fourth Dimension -- Documentation that Enhances the User Experience

Brendan Sera-Shriar - Web and GUI Designer, Social Media Manager, Optimal Payments Inc - Montreal, Canada

Brendan Sera-Shriar has been an interactive designer, developer, author and teacher for over 10 years. Brendan studied Graphics, Animation, and Web Development at Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology (Toronto, Canada), Ryerson University (Toronto, Canada), and Pratt University (Brooklyn, NY).

Brendan is a prominent member of FlashinTO, PHUG – Open Source Culture, has taught web design at Long Island University Brooklyn campus, and has been a professor at Seneca College in the School of Communication Arts for over 7 years. Brendan currently is the head web designer/developer, social media manager, and GUI designer for Optimal Payments in Montreal, Canada. You can also find his work at digibomb, a freelance web company specializing in WordPress Design and Development. He is also the founder of PHUG, an open source community for designers and developers with currently over 4000 members. Brendan has contributed to many open source projects including papervision3D, red5, Firefox, WordPress, and Drupal, just to name a few.

Other Links:

WordPress Developement

No Picture Catherine Leung - Professor, Seneca College

Catherine is a professor at Seneca College , where she teaches various classes in the programming and game development streams.

3D in the browser... more than just Doom

No Picture Christopher Kulbakas - Graduate Student, McMaster University

Chris is a graduate student just finishing his M.Sc. in Computer Science at McMaster University.
Chris also holds a B.Math in Combinatorics and Optimization from the University of Waterloo and is an alumni of Sheridan College's Telecommunications Technology program.
Chris' primary interests are seeking out opportunities to employ formal methods in practical settings, such as the pamtester-fm project, as well as, building and integration of GNU/Linux-based systems, with a focus on information security.

Formal Modeling of Linux-PAM Authentication Processes

Dan Scott - Systems Librarian, Laurentian University

Dan Scott is the systems librarian for Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario. He is both a developer for the Evergreen open source library system and the project manager for Project Conifer - a partnership between three Ontario universities and a medical school to adopt Evergreen for academic libraries. Dan has co-authored a book ("Apache Derby: Off to the Races") and occasionally writes about coffee, code, and other good things at http://coffeecode.net. He holds a B.A. in English and Philosophy from Laurentian University and an MISt from the University of Toronto.

Evergreen in Ontario: the Challenge (and Successes!) of Migrating Academic Libraries to a FOSS Library System

Evergreen Library System Development Basics

No Picture David Humphrey - Professor, Seneca College

David Humphrey is a professor and developer in the School of Computer Studies at Seneca College, and a founding member of Seneca's Centre for the Development of Open Technology. His research and teaching are focused on open source methods and technologies, specifically the Mozilla project. David also leads the Mozilla Education project with the Mozilla Foundation.

Coping at the Scale of Mozilla: How Mozilla uses Open Tools to Manage Complexity

No Picture Diederik van Liere - Post-doc Researcher Rotman School of Management, Rotman School of Management


Ranking the Bugs: Predicting Which Bugs Will Get Fixed

No Picture Dru Lavigne - Managing Editor, Open Source Business Resource

Dru Lavigne is a network and systems administrator, IT instructor, and technical writer. She has over a decade of experience administering and teaching Netware, Microsoft, Cisco, Checkpoint, SCO, Solaris, Linux and BSD systems. A prolific author, she has written for O'Reilly, TechRepublic, DNSStuff, and OpenLogic, contributed to Linux Hacks and Hacking Linux Exposed, and is author of BSD Hacks and The Best of FreeBSD Basics. Her third book, The Definitive Guide to PC-BSD, is due to be released in early 2010.

She is founder and Managing Editor of the Open Source Business Resource, a free monthly publication covering open source and the commercialization of open source assets. She is founder and current Chair of the BSD Certification Group Inc., a non-profit organization with a mission to create the standard for certifying BSD system administrators

Fame, Fortune, and Technical Writing

No Picture Gabor Laszlo - , Budapest Tech

Gabor Laszlo is currently teaching at Budapest Tech whilst at the same time he manages the Information Society Research and Education Group within the same institution. His research interests focus on open source software and its applications in the public sector. He has background in both economics and technology.

Exploring the Socio-economic Effects and Backgrounds of Open Source Software in Relation to Governments’ Initiatives

No Picture Greg DeKoenigsberg - Senior Community Architect, Red Hat

Greg is Senior Community Architect at Red Hat. He was the founder and first chairman of the Fedora Project Board, the governance body for the Fedora Project, which now has over 13,000 volunteer contributors. He advises a number of prominent open source organizations, including Sugar Labs, Open Source for America, and TeachingOpenSource.org. He has been with Red Hat since 2001. He blogs at http://gregdek.livejournal.com.

The Science of Community

No Picture Greg Fenton - Senior Product Manager, NexJ Systems Inc.

Greg Fenton is a Senior Product Manager at NexJ Systems Inc., focused on the development of application developer tools, training and documentation. He worked on the development of NexJ's mobile and desktop applications. Prior to joining NexJ, Greg worked as a consultant with expertise in mobile computing, relational database and data synchronization architectures, and software development lifecycle management.

The Open Health Tools Platform Project – A Model Driven Engineering System

No Picture Jacob Farber - Interface Developer, ATRC

Jacob is an Interface Developer with the Fluid Project. He has been developing web application interfaces for 10 years, beginning with real-time 3D medical applications. At Fluid he splits his time between JavaScript component development and the Fluid Skinning System - an easy to use CSS system designed to help applications with rapid, semantic development and flexible skinning technologies.

Mobile Web Apps: Harnessing the Power of Infusion

No Picture James Yoon - UX Designer, Adaptive Technology Resource Centre, University of Toronto

James is an Interaction Designer on the Fluid Project, where he applies human-centred, participatory, and inclusive design principles to open-source applications. He completed his Master's at the University of Toronto where his research focused on aesthetics, usability, and complexity in information visualizations. In his spare time, James enjoys smashing keys haphazardly on the piano.

The Fluid Community: innovative design and development processes and great outcomes, an overview.

No Picture Jeremy Vernon - Open Source Community Manager, Psiphon Inc & The Citizen Lab

I manage the open sourcing of Psiphon's open source censorship circumvention software. I am also a researcher at the Citizen Lab at the Munk Centre for International Studies at the University of Toronto.

I'm an avid open source user-advocate and spend a lot of time studying the political-economy of open source development and the role of open source software in international development.

I'm a software developer, designer and new media consultant turned academic.

Open Source & Activism : Meta-Cognition, Interaction and Convergence

No Picture Justin Obara - Web User Interface Developer and Tester, ATRC

Justin Obara is both a software developer and Quality Assurance manager for the Fluid Project. When not building JavaScript components for Fluid Infusion and Fluid Engage, he is busy managing product releases, enhancing and maintaining documentation, and assisting Fluid partner communities to get the most out of Fluid products.

Mobile Web Apps: Harnessing the Power of Infusion

No Picture Ken Ono - VP CRM Analytics, NexJ Systems Inc.

As a Vice President at NexJ Systems Inc., Ken Ono is responsible for defining and executing NexJ’s reporting and analytics strategy. He is also a member of the NexJ Health Solutions team. Previously, Ken served as the CTO and co-founder of Angoss Software Corporation, where he was responsible for the development of industry-leading predictive analytic products and solutions which were deployed to dozens of leading financial services organizations.

The Open Health Tools Platform Project – A Model Driven Engineering System

Khalid Baheyeldin - Managing Partner, 2bits.com, Inc.

Khalid has been a contributer to the Drupal project (http://drupal.org), an Open Source Content Management System (CMS) since summer of 2003.

His involvement with Drupal includes contributions to core (site offline feature, watchdog hooks, and others), as well as contributing 35+ modules to the project, as well as being on the webmasters, infrastructure and security teams.

As co-founder of 2bits.com, Inc. (http://2bits.com), he provides Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP consulting, mostly for Drupal web sites including customization, development, performance tuning and optimization.

On occasions, he appears on the most active developers for Drupal (http://baheyeldin.com/technology/drupal/on-drupals-most-active-developer...), as well in the top 10 contributors to Drupal (http://baheyeldin.com/technology/drupal/khalid-on-ohloh-drupal-contribut...).

Khalid has presented at conferences and events in Boston, Washington DC, Toronto, Kitchener, and Cairo on topics ranging from LAMP basics, Drupal, web site performance optimization, the business of open source and more.

Khalid is a permanent member of the General Assembly of the Drupal Association since January 2008.

See also: Drupal profile for Khalid Baheyeldin (http://drupal.org/user/4063)


Open Source for fun and profit: making a career out of FOSS

Michael Adeyeye - A Lecturer and A Postgraduate Student, Cape Peninisula University of Technology and University of Cape Town, South Africa

Michael Adeyeye is a lecturer at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology and a postgraduate student at the University of Cape Town. He earned his second Master's degree at the University of Cape Town, and his research interests include converged applications and services for the Next Generation Networks. He is also the regional representative of the Mozilla Firefox in the Western Province, South Africa.

An Untapped Channel: Open Source Education in the Universities of Technology and Research Labs in South Africa

No Picture Michelle DSouza - UI Developer, Adaptive Technology Resource Centre, University of Toronto

Michelle D'Souza is a software developer with over ten years of professional experience developing web applications and software development tools. Throughout her career, she has had a deep interest in collaborative software development and has been integral in mentoring and integrating new team members. Michelle is constantly improving the software development process and has refined and implemented several mentoring strategies to ensure team excellence and best practices. This includes working with the team to share knowledge and experience about programming techniques including design patterns, web development, software testing, and agile development.

In the last three years, Michelle has been experimenting with merging agile development and open source techniques to refine and individualize the development process based on the unique project requirements and team culture of the Fluid project.

The Fluid Community: innovative design and development processes and great outcomes, an overview.

No Picture Newman Hunter - Senior Developer, Fuel Industries

A former Seneca Student, Newman recently moved to Ottawa to take a position with Fuel Industries (http://fuelindustries.com). Since starting with the company, he has worked on projects for companies such as Electronic Arts, Microsoft, and Paramount Pictures.

Newman works with open source technologies within Fuel, and has evangelized the use of technologies such as Scala and Drupal within game development and web development.

When not trying to find new ways to implement Poker, Newman has an interest in the new breed of Functional languages and enjoys playing with as many semantically different languages as possible.

A View from the Gallery: a tour of the JVM Alternative Languages

No Picture Pascal St-Jean - Directory, Business Development, Citadel Rock Online Communities

Pascal's goal has always been to combine his love of engineering with his entrepreneurial passion and turn them into successful ventures. His current sectors of interests are Open Source business models and Social Media Marketing. Pascal is currently an active member of the TikiWiki community with a major interest in creating, growing & promoting Tiki Profiles.

Pascal has over 6 years of experience in technology consulting and IT management. An engineer by training, Pascal has previously been employed by Statistics Canada and the Canadian Department of National Defence. He was the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of PicSphere Technologies prior to joining Citadel Rock. Since then, he has been instrumental in growing Citadel Rock's consulting business.

Tiki Profiles - An App Store Approach to Enabling Collaboration using the TikiWiki Platform

Rajith Attapattu - Sr. Software Engineer, Red Hat

Rajith is an open source enthusiast and is a contributor on Apache Qpid currently, and has contributed to Apache Synapse, Tuscany and Axi2 projects in the past. His recent focus has been on Building Scalable and Reliable Messaging Middleware, and he is part of the AMQP — Advanced Message Queuing Protocol — working group.

He has published several articles and spoken at several conferences and user groups, including ApacheCon, Colorado Software Summit, and Toronto JUG. Rajith’s research interests are in improving Scalability and High Availability of Distributed Systems. Rajith enjoys painting and playing cricket during his free time.

Email : rajith@apache.org

Blog : http://rajith.2rlabs.com

Twitter : @rajith_a

Enterprise grade messaging in Fedora with Apache Qpid

No Picture Rory McGreal - Professor & Associate VP Research, Athabasca University

Rory McGreal is a Professor and Associate VP, Research at Athabasca University – Canada’s Open University. Previously, he was the executive director of TeleEducation New Brunswick, a province-wide bilingual (French/English) distributed distance learning network. Before that, he was responsible for the expansion of Contact North/Contact Nord (a distance education network in the remote region of Northern Ontario – serving remote native reserves and small mining towns). Rory was the founder of the world’s first e-learning website for TeleEducation NB and one of the world's first metadata learning object repositories. He is the recipient of the Wedemeyer Award as a distance education practitioner.

Canadian copyright and the future of Open Source and Open Educational Resources

No Picture Scott Nesbitt - Partner, DMN Communications

Technical writer. Freelance journalist. Soldier of fortune. Ocelot wrangler. Husband and father. Blogger. Collector of pottery. Scott is a few of these things. A long-time user of free and Open Source software, Scott has written extensively on this subject. He's also banged out countless words of documentation, and has put the techniques he discusses in this presentation into practice for a number of clients.

Keep It Simple: Streamline Your Documentation to Make it More Effective

No Picture Taras Glek - Platform Engineer, Mozilla Corporation

From an early age Taras wanted to develop software. At the age of 12 he started programming in Visual Basic. Some years later, Taras realized that most mature programs control their developers, not the other way around. Since graduating from the University of Victoria, he joined Mozilla on a mission to make it easier to develop large-scale software.

Coping at the Scale of Mozilla: How Mozilla uses Open Tools to Manage Complexity