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Managing Partner
Organization, Inc.
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Khalid has been a contributer to the Drupal project (, an Open Source Content Management System (CMS) since summer of 2003.
His involvement with Drupal includes contributions to core (site offline feature, watchdog hooks, and others), as well as contributing 35+ modules to the project, as well as being on the webmasters, infrastructure and security teams.
As co-founder of, Inc. (, he provides Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP consulting, mostly for Drupal web sites including customization, development, performance tuning and optimization.
On occasions, he appears on the most active developers for Drupal (, as well in the top 10 contributors to Drupal (
Khalid has presented at conferences and events in Boston, Washington DC, Toronto, Kitchener, and Cairo on topics ranging from LAMP basics, Drupal, web site performance optimization, the business of open source and more.
Khalid is a permanent member of the General Assembly of the Drupal Association since January 2008.
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