Presentation Schedule

2009 OCT 30 Friday
S1206 S1208 S2168 S2169
8:15 am Registration
9:00 am Creating an Animated Twitter Widget for your Website with Processing.js
[Alistair MacDondald]
Canadian copyright and the future of Open Source and Open Educational Resources
[Rory McGreal]
The Fourth Dimension -- Documentation that Enhances the User Experience
[Beth Agnew]
The Fluid Community: innovative design and development processes and great outcomes, an overview.
[Michelle DSouza]
[James Yoon]
10:00 am Evergreen in Ontario: the Challenge (and Successes!) of Migrating Academic Libraries to a FOSS Library System
[Dan Scott]
Ranking the Bugs: Predicting Which Bugs Will Get Fixed
[Diederik van Liere]
Keep It Simple: Streamline Your Documentation to Make it More Effective
[Scott Nesbitt]
Open Source Accessibility Forum
[The Open Source Accessibility Forum]
11:00 am A View from the Gallery: a tour of the JVM Alternative Languages
[Newman Hunter]
Formal Modeling of Linux-PAM Authentication Processes
[Christopher Kulbakas]
Fame, Fortune, and Technical Writing
[Dru Lavigne]
[ The Community]
12:00 pm Lunch
1:00 pm Coping at the Scale of Mozilla: How Mozilla uses Open Tools to Manage Complexity
[David Humphrey]
[Taras Glek]
Exploring the Socio-economic Effects and Backgrounds of Open Source Software in Relation to Governments’ Initiatives
[Gabor Laszlo]
Tiki Profiles - An App Store Approach to Enabling Collaboration using the TikiWiki Platform
[Nelson Ko]
[Pascal St-Jean]
WordPress Developement
[Brendan Sera-Shriar]
2:00 pm Enterprise grade messaging in Fedora with Apache Qpid
[Rajith Attapattu]
The Open Health Tools Platform Project – A Model Driven Engineering System
[Ken Ono]
[Greg Fenton]
Open Source for fun and profit: making a career out of FOSS
[Khalid Baheyeldin]
An Untapped Channel: Open Source Education in the Universities of Technology and Research Labs in South Africa
[Michael Adeyeye]
3:00 pm 3D in the browser... more than just Doom
[Catherine Leung]
The Science of Community
[Greg DeKoenigsberg]
Open Source & Activism : Meta-Cognition, Interaction and Convergence
[Jeremy Vernon]
Mobile Web Apps: Harnessing the Power of Infusion
[Jacob Farber]
[Justin Obara]
4:00 pm Reception

Workshop Schedule

2009 OCT 29 Thursday
T2107 T2108
8:15 am Registration
9:00 am A CMS for building web applications, not websites: an introduction to Formulize
[Julian Egelstaff]
Automating UI Testing with Mozmill
[Anthony Hughes]
10:00 am
11:00 am
12:00 pm Lunch
1:00 pm Evergreen Library System Development Basics
[Dan Scott]
Webpages With Smalltalk
[Chris Cunnington]
2:00 pm
3:00 pm
6:30 pm Speakers and Friends dinner
(FSOSS speakers and "Friends of FSOSS" only)