Anthony Hughes


Job Position
Mozilla QA Collaborator, Student
Seneca College
About Me

Anthony is a Quality Assurance community member at Mozilla and student of Software Development Degree at Seneca College @ York University in Toronto, Ontario. He got involved with Mozilla through FSOSS three years back by participating in manual testing and reviewing Firefox add-ons. He went to Mozilla for two Summers and to Songbird for one Summer to do his internship, he contributed equally to both projects. Anthony created and continues to develop a bit-torrent add-on for Songbird. Presently, he works on test case automation, writing manual test cases for new features and bugs, he also assists in release and update testing, and engages with the community through test-days. His primary focus is on security but he tests mobile devices, new Firefox features, crashes, plugins, and bug regressions too.


Member for
8 years 27 weeks

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