The Open Health Tools Platform Project – A Model Driven Engineering System

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Fri, 2009-10-30 14:00

NexJ offers a model driven engineering repository-based architecture that is scalable, easy to customize, easy to deploy and easy to upgrade. Comprehensive integration capabilities automate business and point of service workflows that cross system boundaries. One of its deployments include a large US financial services wealth management firm supporting more than 20,000 concurrent users with expansion plans to more than 35,000. NexJ is in the process of open sourcing its platform as a charter project named the OHT Platform Project within Open Health Tools (OHT). OHT delivers global interoperable open source eHealth software.

* NexJ Overview
* Open Health Tools Overview
* People Centered Health
* NexJ Architecture
* OpenEHR
* How will OHT Platform be used?
* Desired Community Contributions
* Career Opportunity Perspective (Health IT and Enterprise Software)