Enterprise grade messaging in Fedora with Apache Qpid

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Fri, 2009-10-30 14:00

Apache Qpid is an enterprise grade messaging solution with a proven track record and a growing community.
It is currently in live production in several large scale financial institutions.
Qpid is a multi language implementation of the AMQP protocol (www.amqp.org) with brokers in c++ and java and clients in c++,java,python,ruby and c#.
It provides infrastructure for scalable, reliable, secure, low latency messaging that can be used in a myriad of applications not just enterprise messaging.

From a community aspect it is one of the first open source projects to receive a substantial contribution from Microsoft.
Recently Microsoft contributed a WCF client and provided substantial support by way of funding developers to work on a windows port of the c++ broker. It has a growing community with contributions from large organizations, academic institutions, individual contributors and google summer of code students ..etc.

This talk will provide an overview of Apache Qpid and discuss how it could benefit your community project or your organization using examples.
It will also cover how to get hold of the bits and better yet how to become a contributor.