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Fun and creative web geek Marc-André is the founder of INBOX International Inc (, a Montreal-based web development company specializing in open source technologies and solutions.

As the initiator of the open source content management system ImpressCMS (, Marc has an intimate knowledge of the software, as well as LAMP, XOOPS, PHP, MySQL, and many other coding languages. (Marc is also the founder of The SmartFactory (, which creates modules of all kinds for ImpressCMS.

Between Marc and his organisations, they can build, expand and customize virtually anything related to these open source content management systems, or any other web software you can throw at them. They've helped some of the largest companies on the planet stay innovative, but they've also given small businesses the technology and solutions they need to get a leg up on the competition.

Marc isn't all business-oriented-pragmatic-geek, as he would say. He and his beautiful wife love spending time with their two children and exploring all life has to offer.

Job Position
CEO and Founder (INBOX), Co-Founder and Lead Developer (ImpressCMS)
INBOX International inc., ImpressCMS


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