Please note that the schedule may be subjected to change.

Thursday October 29th 2015
Mozilla Room Savoir-faire Linux Room Seneca Alumni Room
9:30 am Welcome & Announcements
10:00 am Thursday Morning Keynote: Free Software and Open Source
Speaker(s): Chris Tyler;
11:00 am Migrating BigBlueButton to HTML5
Speaker(s): Fred Dixon; Chad Pilkey; Maxim Khlobystov; Oleksandr Zhurbenko; Danny Perrone;
N1QL Querying without compromise
Speaker(s): Don Pinto;
12:00 pm Lunch
1:00 pm Thursday Afternoon Keynote
Speaker(s): Ruth Suehle;
2:00 pm Open edX: the open and flexible Learning Management System
Speaker(s): Marc Lijour; Jonathan Le Lous; Adrien Béraud;
Ring, a Free decentralized communication software
Speaker(s): Adrien Béraud; Alexandre Lision;
Running LEAP: Linux for Enterprise ARM Platforms
Speaker(s): Hong Zhan Huang; Glaser King San Lo;
3:00 pm Powers of Two
Speaker(s): Mike Hoye;
OpenStack in Canada
Speaker(s): Jonathan Le Lous;
Running a Law Firm on Open Source, for Open-Source Software Developers and Other Clients
Speaker(s): Adam Saunders;
4:00 pm Open Source and Open "Big Data" – how will this new marriage work?
Speaker(s): Doug Martin;
Dockerizing microservices
Speaker(s): Raffi Der Haroutiounian; Diogo Monteiro;
Introducing Linux to your Embedded Company
Speaker(s): Trevor Woerner;
6:30 pm Speakers' Dinner

Friday October 30th 2015
Mozilla Room Savoir-faire Linux Room Seneca Alumni Room
9:30 am Building Thimble: a Journey Through Two Million Lines of Open-Source Code
Speaker(s): Kieran Sedgwick; Gideon Thomas;
Analyzing Java Applications using Thermostat
Speaker(s): Elliott Baron; Omair Majid; Anirudh Mukundan;
3D on the WEB
Speaker(s): Dmitry Yastremskiy;
10:30 am Empowering Open Source Contributors and Your Community
Speaker(s): Regnard Raquedan;
Text Analytics and Visualization
Speaker(s): Elnaz Delpisheh;
Home Musical Recording in Linux - The Journey Continues...
Speaker(s): Murray Saul;
11:30 am Friday Keynote
Speaker(s): Mark Surman;
12:30 pm Lunch
1:30 pm Optimizing Your Open Source Project for Contribution
Speaker(s): Joshua Matthews;
Skills Track: Linux Power Tools
Speaker(s): Justin Flowers; Christopher Markieta;
Building a Free Software Multi-Instrumental Live Music Rig
Speaker(s): Blaise Alleyne;
2:30 pm Using R to Visualize The Stories of Canadian Organizations That Contribute to Firefox Development
Speaker(s): Mekki MacAulay; Ellen Auster;
Skills Track: Git and GitHub
Speaker(s): David Humphrey;
Customize your Ubuntu Desktop to make it awesome!
Speaker(s): Philip Ballew;
3:30 pm Why open source is not part of the sharing economy
Speaker(s): Julian Egelstaff;
Skills Track: Vagrant
Speaker(s): Justin Flowers;
In Memory Computing with Diskless Server
Speaker(s): Anton Ansori;
4:00 pm Reception


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